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In Final Fantasy VI, the Atma weapon is derived from the Sanskrit word "Atman" (the root word of which "Atma" is a normative form) which refers to the true Self.[1]

According to Hindu philosophy, the Atman is different from the ego, in that while the ego is a construct of the social, the Atman is the underlying core of the personality that is eternal. The teachings of the Upanishads (texts on Hindu philosophy) equate the Atman with Brahman, which is the Cosmic Mind — the Absolute. What prevents us from realising the Atman, i.e., our true Self, are maya (illusion) and avidya (ignorance). If we can overcome these barriers, we will be able to perceive our inner true Self and gain spiritual enlightenment.

There is, as we can see, a plausible connection between the Atma weapon of Final Fantasy VI and the Hindu Atman, as the power of the former is dependent on the strength and ability of its wielder.

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