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In the original Japanese version of Xenogears, the character Krelian is known as Karellen. This name was most likely adopted from the character Karellen in Arthur C. Clarke's novel Childhood's End.[1]

There are some interesting parallels between the character in Clarke's novel and character in the game. In Clarke's novel, Karellen is the leader of the Overlords, an extraterrestrial species who are dispatched to Earth to prepare them for their destiny that awaits them, that is, to evolve and to eventually merge with the Overmind. He assumes the title of Supervisor for Earth. In Xenogears, Krelian is the clandestine ruler of Solaris. Although the villian of Xenogears, he reveals at the end of the game that his ultimate purpose in resurrecting Deus was to merge humankind with the "Waves" — that is god.

In Chapter 12 of Childhood's End, the character Jan writes a letter to his sister Maia commenting that he had "always been interested in spaceflight, and [was] frustrated that because [humans] had never been allowed to go to other planets, or to learn anything about the civilisation of the Overlords... If [the Overlords] had never intervened, [humans] would have [already] reached Mars and Venus." In Xenogears, Krelian ensured that the Lambs, who were the surface dwellers, never knew about the existence of Solaris. They were separated from Solaris by a "Gate" and placed under the supervision of the Solarians who resided in Solaris. Ironically, the Solarians were in turn supervised by Krelian who genetically implanted Limiters into their bodies so as to create a subconscious fear for the Gazel Ministry and Emperor Cain.

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