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Thor, the Thunderer, was Odin's eldest son who, in some early Germanic cultures, surpassed his father in the levels of worship.

A warrior god with a name that meant thunder, and who was gifted with superlative strength, he was associated with three treasures that matched these attributes:

First, the hammer Mjollnir (which represents thunder) that would always return to Thor when thrown. Mjollnir was used to slay the Frost and Mountain giants.

Second, the iron glove on his right hand which was used to handle Mjollnir more efficiently.

Third, the belt of strength Megingjard that doubles his might.

In the days of the Ragnarok, it was prophasised that Thor would slay the venomous wyrm of Midgard, Jormungand, who was his greatest enemy. However, Thor in turn would be killed, suffocated from a vomit of poison from Jormungand in its dying throe.[1][2][3]

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