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The mighty evergreen ash, Yggdrasill is the pillar of the universe in Nordic mythology. Its three roots stretch to the worlds of death, frost-giants, and men.

A central point in the cosmos is the evergreen ash, Yggdrasill. It sprang from the body of the giant Ymir and its three roots extend into Asgard (the abode of the gods), Jotunheim (the giants' country) and Niffleheim (the land of darkness). The roots are watered by springs from each of these lands.

At the spring in Asgard, the root is well-tended by the three goddesses of fate — past, present and future. The spring in Jotunheim is Ymir's well, the fount of wisdom. But the spring in Niffleheim feeds Nidhogge, an adder that gnaws at the root of the Yggdrasill. Four stags (that represent the four winds) bite the foliage of the Yggdrasill.

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