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In Squaresoft games, ether is usually used in relation to magic and non-physical powers. For example, ether ability could mean the degree of strength in magic casting, and ether tablets could be tablets used to replenish ether points (EP).

The word "ether" (sometimes spelt "æther")is of Latin/Greek origins. The meaning and usage of the word has evolved through time. It is not known for certain which meanings of the word were used by the makers of the games. Here are some of the more plausible definitions suggested by the Oxford English dictionary[1] which this author leaves for your interpretation.


Senses adopted from Greek

  1. As the element breathed by the gods; "diviner air".
  2. In ancient cosmological speculation conceived as an element filling all space beyond the sphere of the moon, and as the constituent substance of the stars and planets and of their spheres. The earliest Eng. use; now only Hist.

Senses of modern development

  1. As a general name for extremely subtle fluids, the existence of which was imagined or inferred.
  2. Physics. A substance of great elasticity and subtilty, formerly believed to permeate the whole of planetary and stellar space, not only filling the interplanetary spaces, but also the interstices between the particles of air and other matter on the earth; the medium through which the waves of light are propagated.
  3. Chem. a. The colourless, light, volatile liquid, (C4H10O) resulting from the action of sulphuric acid upon alcohol, whence it was also known as sulphuric, phosphoric, etc. ether.

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