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The country Galbadia, long ruled by a fascist dictator, has been of late, taking an aggressive position against its neighbouring nations. The city of Dollet was only recently captured by Galbadian troops in a bid to obtain control of its communications tower.

Squall, a young but promising teen from the military institution Balamb Garden, is dispatched on a mission to assassinate a sorceress known as Edea, whose sudden appearance as an advisor of the President Deling, dictator of Galbadia, has been linked to the recent hostile actions of Galbadia.

Things are however, not as simple as they may seem. A threat infinitely more menacing lies camouflaged under what superficially seems to be a mere political manoeuvre by an overtly-ambitious politician. It is an evil that crosses beyond the boundaries of time and logic; one that seeks dominion over the world and its inhabitants.

—From Terra's Final Fantasy VIII Site

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