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The porter of heaven in Roman religion, it is he who opens the the year. The month of January is named after him.

He is the guardian of doorways (januae), gates and archways (jani), and is most frequently portrayed as having two faces because every door looks two ways. He is occasionally regarded as the god of all beginnings.

He had many temples built for him in Rome. Believed to be the protector of war, the gates to his temples were left open so that he might intervene in times of trouble.

In Chrono Trigger, the use of the name "Janus", the younger self of Magus, is appropriate because of his two personas. The character Janus, lived in the realm of magic in the year 12,000 BC, and resided in the Palace of Zeal. After the destruction of the Mammon Machine, Janus fell into a time portal, alongside Melchior, Belthasar and Gasper, and found himself alone in the year 600AD where he was found by Ozzie and adopted his evil persona Magus. His ultimate goal is to rid the world of Lavos.

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