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Sometimes known as Bithisarea, Melichior, and Gathaspa. These were known as the Magi, the Wise Men from the east in Biblical tradition or the Three Kings who paid homage to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem by bringing him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Christian tradition has indicated Balthasar as a king of Arabia, Melchior as a king of Persia, and Gaspar as a king of India.

In Chrono Trigger, all three characters appear in the game as gurus. There is a subtle reference to their Christian origins as the bringers of gifts. Gasper, the old man at the end of time, presents the party with the Chrono Trigger. Belthasar built the epoch that allowed the party to traverse through time and space. He also gives the party three items that enable the party to scale Death Peak. Melchior, the swordmaker, presents the party with gifts of weapons throughout the game. Another little irony in the game is that the singular for "Magi" is "Magus", which Janus used to call his alter-ego.

In Xenogears, once again, the same three names appear as the three Shevat sages. Taura Melchior was Krelian's guide in his studies on nanotechnology and genetics before the Diabolos Invasion 500 years ago. He was instrumental in the rediscovery of nanotechnology, knowledge of which had long been buried through time. Isaac Balthasar lived present day under the desert a hermit, collecting fossils, that is, until he met Fei whom he realised was the Slayer of God. Gaspar remained at Shevat as advisor to the Queen Zephyr after the war.

We Three Kings of Orient Are

As expressed in the song "We Three Kings of Orient Are", Melchior is the Magi who brought gold, which was a sign of God's glory, and symbolized (among other things) his future reign. Melchior brought vital technology to the game, perhaps showing future advancement once they were free of the restrictions put upon them by Gazel etc.

Gasper brought the incense, a common church decoration. This symbolized God's sure presence in the Holy Child, as incense was something used only churches and places of worship. And if indeed Gaspar was the king of India, then it would fit with the major religion of that country to use incense to show that this was a sacred event. Gasper in Xenogears was Advisor to the Queen, giving him a position prized above most others. He worked close to the Queen as a priest would to a god (which goes back to the incense etc.)

Balthasar is famous for offering Myrrh, a type of "bitter perfume" used during funerals as offerings to the dead. This was a prophetic gift, helping to tell of the future crucifixion and suffering of the Messiah. The song "We Three Kings" elaborates on this point in its lyrics, by the telling of "sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying, seal'd in the stone-cold tomb." Balthasar in Xenogears was the one who first realized that Fei was the Slayer of God .

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