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Since the dawn of humanity, myth has existed in every society. From the stories of creation through the hands of the antediluvian Chinese god Pan Gu, to the exploits of Odin and his warriors of the great hall Valhalla, myths are customarily drawn from ancient, now-extinct religions. Through the passage of time, Man's desire for knowledge has enabled the walls of ignorance to erode, shedding new light into the reasons for our existence.

Over the centuries, the explorations of lands beyond the seas have evolved into voyages beyond the stars. With the advent of the space age, modern tales of fantasy — what we universally recognize as science fiction — have sprung from the creative minds of numerous fiction authors of the day. Many of these tales may very well develop into the myths of future generations. Yet as the study of science gradually breaks away from the grounded fields of human mindset, a handful of these literary inventions may one day prove to be truly prophetic. The works of prolific writer-scientists such as Arthur C. Clarke and Issac Asimov, form the genesis of the space-prophets era.

The construction of the bridge between fantasy and reality has inspired the stories of innumerable writers, and the videogame revolution has taken our imagination into visual reality. More often than not, we find these two paths intertwined. Squaresoft is one of the forerunners of this amalgamate.

This site hopes to explore the various mythological and scientific issues that have so often been incorporated into the visual world of Squaresoft games — where "fantasy becomes reality".

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