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== Appears in ==
== Appears in ==
* [[Final Fantasy VII]] as [[Midgar]]
* [[Final Fantasy VII]] as [[Midgar]]
* [[Dissidia Arcade]] as Midgar
== Related articles ==
== Related articles ==

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The name "Midgar" in Final Fantasy VII is almost certainly derived from the word "Midgard" in Norse Mythology. It means "Middle Earth".

It is said that Odin, Vili and Ve, who were the sons of Bor and the giant Bestla, slew the frost giant Ymir. Ymir's body, they took to Ginunngagap, the empty space from which the world evolved. There, out of his blood, flesh and bones, formed the seas, earth and mountains. With his eyebrows, they fashioned a stronghold around the world to protect themselves from the giants. This stronghold was connected to Asgard, the abode of the gods, by the rainbow bridge Bifrost. They named it Midgard, destined to become the abode of the humans.

After the creation of the world, the three brothers still found the world incomplete. So they formed a man out of an Ash tree, and a woman out of an Alder tree. They named the first humans Aske and Embla and gave them Midgard to dwell.

Appears in

Related articles

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