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The name of the town in Final Fantasy VII, Nibelheim, is actually a corruption of the word "Niffleheim", which has its origins from Norse mythology.

Niffleheim is a region of cold and darkness. One of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology, it lies beneath one of the three roots of the great tree Yggdrasill. A well Hvergelmir waters the root that extends into Niffleheim (see Yggdrasill for more info). It was also from this well that eleven icy rivers, the Elivagar, sprung from. The rivers flowed towards the south and into the void Ginunngagap. It is said that the world was created from that void.

According to some versions of the mythology, within Niffleheim lies the realm of the dead, Helheim, ruled by the goddess Hel; some other versions describe Helheim as being a separate world altogether.

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