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* [[Front Mission 3]] as Odin M98
* [[Front Mission 3]] as Odin M98
* [[SaGa II: Goddess of Destiny]] as Odin
* [[SaGa II: Goddess of Destiny]] as Odin
* [[Final Fantasy Trading Card Game]] as [[Odin]]
* [[Final Fantasy Trading Card Game]] as [[Odin]], Valfodr
* [[Guardian Cross]] as Odin
* [[Guardian Cross]] as Odin

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The progeny of Bor and Bestla, Odin[1] and his brothers Vili and Ve, slew the frost giant Ymir, which from his body, Earth was formed. Sensing incompletion in the world, the brothers created man out of an ash tree, and woman out of an alder. The brothers then took residence in Asgard (Abode of the gods), where Odin lived in Valhalla, the most beautiful of palaces.

Odin, a war god, favoured fallen-warriors who fought courageously in war. After their deaths, these soldiers would be gathered the great hall of Valhalla to feast with him.

Odin is most often depicted wearing a cloak and a wide-brimmed hat, spear-in-hand, and is accompanied by his wolves Geri and Freki. Wednesday is named after him.

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  1. Also known as Woden, Wotan, Alfadir (meaning All-Father), Wednesday.
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