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A foul subterranean monster alternatively known as 'gulguthra' (or 'dung-eater'). The Advanced D&D Second Edition Monstrous Manual[1]

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  1. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition Monstrous Manual [Gygax, Gary; out of print]/ref> describes Otyughs as having "huge, bloated bodies covered with a rock-like skin that is brownish gray in color, which is in turn covered with dung. They stand on three thick legs that give them slow ground movement but enable them to pivot quickly. They have three eyes on a leaf-like stalk that moves quickly from side to side, enabling them to scan a large area." One of four 'classic' D&D monsters used in the original Final Fantasy, the other three being the Mind Flayer, Beholder and Sahuagin. Although the original 'Ocho' was an almost-perfect copy of the Otyugh, by the time the monster re-appeared in Final Fantasy VII, it had been given a new lease of life as a predatory flower-mutant and went on to become something of a series staple over the course of the next few installments.<ref>Article by mr_sachs.</li></ol></ref>
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