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The Urobolus Ring mentioned briefly in Xenogears, refers to a ring of introns[1] that was discovered in Elhaym's DNA by Krelian. It proved Elhaym's identity as the "Mother".

Urobolus is derived from Ouroboros, the serpent of ancient Egypt and Greece which devours its own tail. It is the symbol of eternity in cyclical transformations: with every death comes a new life, where every destruction breeds creation.

The Ouroboros bears similarity to the Midgard Serpent Jormungand of Nordic mythology.

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  1. In genetics, introns are bits of DNA that are supposed to be of no benefit to the rest of the cell. During transcription — the process in which messenger RNA is made from DNA — the introns are transcribed into RNA, but are discarded before messenger RNA leaves the cell nucleus for protein synthesis. Exons are the remaining bits of DNA, which are used in the coding of protein.
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