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A bird of Greek and Egyptian mythology. A self-reproducing creature that lives on incense and odoriferous gums. Upon reaching its lifespan of 500 years, the bird will set itself on fire in a nest of fragrant wood built in the branches of an oak or palm tree. From the ashes of the parent bird, a new phoenix will emerge. When the new phoenix has gained enough strength, it will take the ashes of the dead phoenix and enclose it in myrrh, compacting it into the shape of an egg, which he carries to the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, depositing it in the temple of the Sun.

The Phoenix is also "Feng" (凤) in Chinese mythology, and is often associated with the dragon, "Long" (龙) in Chinese prose. In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is the "personification of the primordial force of the heavens".[1]

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