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This site was first created in July 2000 and was previously based on a non-collaborative authoring system (self-coded). For such an ambitious project, it soon became obvious that it was impossible for this webmaster to manage in a way that would allow for the content on the site to grow.

With the rise of freely available wiki technology, the burden of maintaining a website such as this has considerably lightened. As there has been a large period of inactivity between the last update of the old site and this new wiki version, this webmaster is not sure if it's even possible to make up for incredible loss in creative potential. The FFCompendium for instance, has done a wonderful job in this aspect.

The aim of this website is not to compete with these other awesome sites in terms of range of content, but to hopefully provide a more intuitive and systematic approach in the organisation of content.

Why not «The Square Enix Repository»?

This website was created years ago, before Squaresoft became Square Enix, hence the dated site name. For sentimental sake however, this webmaster has decided to retain the website's original name.

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