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On the continent lying in the Northern Hemisphere called Ignas, a war has been raging between two countries for hundreds of years. In the north of the continent lies the Kislev Empire, in the south lies the desert kingdom of Aveh. The war has gone on for so long that the people have forgotten the cause, knowing only the pointless circle of hostility and tragedy.

The chronic war obsession was soon to encounter a devastating change. This was due to the "Ethos", an institution that preserves the world's culture, repairing tools and weapons excavated from the ruins of an ancient civilization. At once both countries excavated these ruins, and had the Ethos repair the discoveries, in order to increase their military power.

The various weapons excavated from the ruins greatly changed the form of warfare. The outcome of the battles between two countries was no longer decided by man-to-man combat, but by "Gears" — giant humanoid fighting machines — that were obtained from deep within the ruins...
—In-Game Introduction

Xenogears is probably the role-playing game with the most references to religion and mythology we have seen in a while. The storyline is most influenced from the bible and Hebrew beliefs, infused with references to Nordic mythology, told with a rich blend of science, science fiction and metaphysics.

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