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== Appears in ==
== Appears in ==
* [[Final Fantasy VII]] as [[Jenova]]
* [[Final Fantasy VII]] as [[Jenova]]
* [[Final Fantasy XIV]] as Tetragrammaton
* [[Xenogears]] as [[Yabeh]]
* [[Xenogears]] as [[Yabeh]]

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The name of God in the Old Testament.

The word "Yahweh" (also spelt "Yaveh") was originally not pronounced, but a word made up of Hebrew consonants, referred to as the sacred Tetragrammaton and transliterated YHWH to represent God, because it was felt that the Lord's name was ineffable. An alternative spelling of YHWH is JHVH, vocalised "Jahveh" or more frequently, "Jehovah". However, "Jehovah", the normally adopted English representation of the name, is felt by scholars to be inaccurate because the J-sound does not exist in the Hebrew language.

In Final Fantasy VII, the boss Jenova is probably a deliberate mispelling of Jehovah. In Xenogears, Yabeh is another name for the Interplanetary Invasion System Deus. The spelling difference may or may not have been intentional because of the similarities in "v" and "b" in the Japanese language.

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